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a drop in libido

A Drop in Libido

Heavy Internet porn use can lead to sexual woes like a drop in libido and premature ejaculation, according to a new Italian study. Padua University andrologist Carlo Foresta said Web porn "gives an imprinting devoid of real experiences and constructs a media-based and instinctive sexuality which takes no account of sensory experience or affection".

The Padua survey assessed 500 young Italian males who said they were "well acquainted" with porn sites. "More than 50% spends at least 45 minutes or an hour sitting down in front of a PC twice a week watching porn films," said Foresta, who is president of the Italian Andrology and Sexual Medicine Society. "The major characteristic marking out these boys from ones who are less faithful to porn is a very strong auto-eroticism. They say they masturbate more than 30 times a month".

"A second and more important aspect consists in the fact that more than 12% of this sample of boys have not sought real-life relations. And 25% reported changes in their sexual behaviour including a fall in real interest and premature ejaculation". The young men took only "a few minutes" to ejaculate, the length of a typical Web porn video, Foresta said. "What emerges with striking force is the need to communicate to young people that this new form of sexuality leads to isolation, a distancing from real sex and an alteration of sexual timeframes."