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too hot to stay home

Too Hot to Stay Home

Italian police re-arrested an Albanian man who evaded house arrest on Wednesday to go to the local swimming pool in a bid to ward off the effects of a heat wave that is currently enveloping the nation.

The law enforcement officers had passed by his residence on August 15 to check if he was complying with his house arrest provisions. The man, who lives in the town of Impruneta, near Florence, had been arrested for drug dealing. When they didn't find him at home, they set about waiting for him to return. When he arrived, the 28-year-old was still wearing his swimming costume.

He tried to justify himself by saying it was too hot, and that he went to the local pool to cool down. The police re-arrested him, took him to the police station, and then back to his house for house arrest where he will wait ahead of a new trial for evasion.

August 15 is Italy's traditional mid-summer holiday, when most families gather together or travel to enjoy their vacation.