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gold for phones

Gold for Phones

Five youngsters in the Tuscan city of Arezzo are accused of swapping a family's memories for new mobile phones. Police allege the five, including three minors and two young adults, stole a family's gold memorabilia and sold them for cash to buy new mobiles. And it's a growing phenomenon, say police, driven by the very high price for gold.

In this incident, a family had called in the police after discovering several items stolen. According to police, a minor child in the home, with the help of some friends, sold the items at a Compro Oro jewelry store - one of many that have sprung up, offering to buy gold. The youngsters face charges of aggravated theft and one faces a count of receiving stolen goods.

Police say the boy's older accomplices have experience in selling jewelry taken from friends' homes, adding that this type of crime has become widespread among youngsters in the prosperous city of Arezzo.