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feeling good

But I Feel Good

Though Italians may say that they feel good, in reality a high percentage suffer from serious health issues brought on by sedentary lifestyles, smoking and drinking, said a report by Italy's Higher Health Institute (ISS). Maladies ranging from high cholesterol, hypertension, respiratory illness and type-2 diabetes, which are directly related to diet and lack of exercise, along with obesity are rising in what was once considered one of Europe's healthiest countries.

One out of 10 Italians is considered obese, while 25% suffer from elevated cholesterol levels the ISS said. Health issues directly related to poor diet, smoking and drinking are more prevalent in central and southern regions and amongst the poorer sections of society, said the report. Daily consumption of alcohol is more prevalent among men with 25% drinking daily compared to 15% of women, while smoking is common for 32% of men and 24% of women.

When polled, 66% of Italians responded that they felt in good health, while only 4% said they did not.