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Ferrari f12

Fastest Road Car

Ferrari unveiled its new F12berlinetta, the fastest road car ever to come out of Maranello and the first of a new generation of V12-powered vehicles from the iconic Italian company. The new car, which replaces the successful 599 model, was presented to the public on Ferrari's website and it will make its official debut at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show.

Ferrari said that its unprecedented performance was thanks to an exceptional new 12-cylinder engine and an innovative design that ''redefines classic themes along with extreme aerodynamics''. According to Ferrari, the new engine is ''incredibly efficient - in terms of mechanical, combustion and fluid-dynamics efficiency - which, together with advanced vehicle architecture, aerodynamics, components and electronic controls, guarantee unsurpassed driving involvement whatever the road or track''.

In tune with the times, Ferrari said it had been able to reduce fuel consumption by 30%, while its CO2 emission was only 350 g/km ''which put the F12berlinetta at the top of the high-performance league. These results have been obtained by extensive research and development which focused on efficiencies of the whole vehicle: engine, aerodynamics, tires and weights''.

The car's 6262cc V12 engine delivers 740 horsepower that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 3.1 seconds and 0 to 200kph in 8.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is over 340kph. On Ferrari's test track in Fiorano the F12berlinetta posted a lap speed of 1 minute 23 seconds, the fastest-ever by a Ferrari road car. In order to compensate for the greater performance, Ferrari developed an 'aero bridge' which uses the vehicle's hood to generate greater downforce and an 'active brake cooling' system. These, together with Ferrari's latest generation carbon-ceramic brakes (CCM3) and the evolution of the 'magnetorheological' suspension control system (SCM-E), have contributed to ''drastically reducing stopping distances''.

Ferrari said the car's design was ''a result of the collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Center and Pininfarina and is a perfect balance of uncompromising aerodynamics with harmonious proportions interpreting the typical elements of Ferrari's front-engined V12 cars in an original and innovative way''.

Ferrari has not said what the F12berlinetta's price tag will be.