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no moral damages

No Moral Damages

The Italian Supreme Court ruled that anyone who backs out of a wedding at the last minute without just cause is liable for the cost of the wedding but is not obligated to compensate for 'moral damages'.

In one of its first rulings of the year, the Court ruled in favor of a Sicilian ex-fiance' who called off his wedding two days in advance without giving a valid reason. He was subsequently taken to court by his ex-partner for 9,875 euros in wedding expenses. On appeal, the plaintiff won an additional 30,000 euros for 'moral damages' suffered.

However the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defendant Tuesday arguing that the previous decision set a dangerous precedent that could limit an individual's personal freedoms before a binding contract had actually been finalized. "The law strives to safeguard the full and absolute liberty to sign or not to sign a marriage contract," said the Court.

The court also ruled that the plaintiff should retain the 9,875 euros in wedding expenses, lest she unjustly "remain completely uncompensated".