The Italian Almanac


Happy Birthday

The Walt Disney Company and Lucca Comics and Gamers launched celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Mickey Mouse's Italian editorial debut. The white-gloved mouse with saucer-like ears was introduced into comic-book form in Italy 80 years ago in December 1932 - just four years after Walt Disney conceived the character in Los Angeles, California.

The Florentine editor Giuseppe Nerbini printed the first number of the Italian Mickey Mouse comic book, which filled just eight pages. Nerbini called the character "Topo Lino" - a play on the Italian word "topolino" which means "little mouse" and later became known and beloved by generations of Italians. "Topolino" is now in its 2973th edition, and has become an integral part of Italian childhood with its spoofs on authority figures, winners, losers, avarice and other peccadilloes of everyday life.

The Italian publisher is issuing a special volume to celebrate Mickey's 80th birthday with emblematic comic strips from each decade, and tales of curiosities and events that made the history and marked the rise of "Topolino". Twelve representative covers marking the evolution of Mickey Mouse over time have been gathered in a Disney 2013 "Topolino Anniversary" calendar.

On December 26, with edition number 2979 of the comic book, a special celebratory edition will be released with Mickey Mouse as hero in a tale about the history of comic books. There will also be a celebratory exhibit at the WOW Spazio Fumetti comic museum in Milan called "History of a story", which runs from November 15 to January 20, 2013, and traces Mickey Mouse's passage from the early days to the iPad.