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bared to fight

Bared to Fight

A restaurateur near the Tuscan town of Pisa has bared his all to fight the continuing economic crisis in Italy. Better yet, he has asked his customers to do so. "The Monti government has left us in our underwear so we are offering dinner to clients who show up without their trousers," says Alessandro Signorini, owner of the Forcoli restaurant.

For the twenty clients that showed up with their pants off, a hearty meal of lasagna and roast beef was served, on the house. Unintimidated by the freezing temperatures, a group of young men, as well as several couples, triumphantly entered the venue after stripping down to their basics outside the entrance.

Customers willing to show off their skin in response to the eatery's anti-crisis initiative also put on display a variety of intimate wear ranging from lacy babydolls to colorful boxer shorts, and even underwear decorated with sewn-on and strategically placed protuberances. While some chose to dine almost entirely in the flesh, others warmed themselves with the addition of a cap, scarf or jacket.

Though some may have stripped simply for a free meal and lively company, most of the clients applauded the owner's idea, convinced that these troubled economic times call for extreme measures.