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cyber attack

Cyber Attack

Hackers from the group Anonymous took credit for successfully bringing down the Vatican home page for the second time in five days. "All of Anonymous anxiously awaits an official excommunication in the public square," said a statement in Italian circulated online.

The group also attacked Vatican Radio by hacking its database and posting a list of usernames and passwords, then blasting the Holy See broadcaster for allegedly transmitting frequencies above the legal limit and putting people at risk to "leukemia, cancer and various other terrible illnesses". In its first successful attack Anonymous cited the Church's "anachronistic and absurd doctrines, liturgies and precepts" as motives for bringing down the site.

The cyber attacks on come after five alleged group members were arrested for computer crimes in Europe and the US Tuesday thanks to the help of hacker-turned-informant The Real Sabu, as he was known on Twitter. Anonymous also recently took credit for an August attack on the Vatican website that was unsuccessful.