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Giorgio Gaber

Giorgio Gaber was born Giorgio Gaberscik in Milan and started his career as a singer, performing at several San Remo music festivals as well as on popular Italian television shows. He began playing guitar at the age of 15 to prevent paralysis, a recommendation made by a doctor that finally turned into his passion for music. After studying economy and commerce, Gaber decided to start a singing career.

After his first years spent as a successful singer and tv entertainer, with a widespread notoriety coming from songs like "Non arrossire" (Don't Blush), "Barbera e champagne", "La ballata del Cerutti" (Ballad of Cerutti) and "Torpedo Blu" (Blue Torpedo), he left tv vast audience forever and dedicated himself to develop the social side of his work in theatre performances.

In the last decades of the past century Gaber toured Italian theatres in a long series of solo shows, a mix of monologues and songs, portraying in a very sarcastic and even enraged way the problems and difficulties of living, and especially of living in Italy. His basic honesty made him an inconvenient figure for Italian leftist "intelligentia", who never likes public criticism coming from inside.

Some of Gaber's songs are still remembered for the debate they raised: such as "Bar Casablanca" in the 70s, denouncing the dubious attitude of radical students coming from the upper crust, and, much more lately "Io, se fossi Dio" (If I Was God) or his last published song "Io non mi sento italiano" (I Don't Feel Being Italian).

Giorgio Gaber died Jan.1, 2004, at the age of 63.