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Appearing in newsagent stands in November 1962 the b/w comic book was in an unusual pocket size and it was titled: Diabolik, the King of Terror. A character vaguely inspired to the French Fantomas, created and published by Angela and Luciana Giussani.

Now, more than 40 years later, Diabolik is still being published and is an aknowleged icon in Italian popular culture. "Who are you, Diabolik?" can still be heard when something nearly imposible, amazing and probably dangerous is being accomplished.

So who is Diabolik? He is a dark hero, with a strong and very personal honor code. He is a thief, but not a robber, he steals jewels, gold and cash and he is a loner, you'll never see him breaking in a bank and waving a shotgun. He is a killer, so don't cross his way, but he never uses a gun, he kills with a knife or using his own hands. He drives a black Jaguar Type E (wow) and he loves (and he is loved by) a Barbie looking aristocratic woman named (Lady) Eva Kant.

Diabolik is a techno thief, using electronic gadgets and plastic masks to impersonate other people, cause he loves the challenge, not the money. He steals in the hardest possible way, and he does that only to afford stealing again. Wearing a mask or his night black suit to fade in the surrounding darkness he can be everywhere, he can be everyone, he can be you.