The Italian Almanac

A few words from the webmaster

Italians have spread all over the world. When i lived in Melbourne i met Italians every day and a bonsai seller left me totally amazed when he said "Ti voglio tanto bene" (I deeply care about you) as a goodbye. When I pointed out that's not something a man usually says to another man he laughed. "I know - he answered - but that's what my father used to say to me and so that's the only italian i know".

Many Italians now living in foreign countries left Italy during the 50's or the 60's, before industrialization and before the economic boom could reach the southern regions. They remember a country very different from what Italy is now, or they are second/third generation Italians, with a second hand and usually very limited knowledge of Italy and its language.

In this late November 2004 I decided to give to all those Italians living in far countries a few glimpses of what Italy is now, but this is not a newspaper or a magazine: it's just a collection of news, gossip, facts, problems and pictures. I will add something nearly every day. If you enjoy what you see please drop me a line.