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Yesterday's Future

A collection of cards about the future, from an album probably published in the late '50s or early '60s. Courtesy of Claudio Angeleri.

World of the Future

Uranus surface

Future space explorers will see no plants and only bleak mountains on the surface of planet Uranus. Uranus is 2868 million km. far from the sun.


A view of Jupiter. This view shows an area not usually reached by sunlight, where cold is comparable with the most ice covered places on Earth.

Giant snails of Venus

According to researchers on Venus damp surface could live a species of giant snails, with bright eyes fixed on their horns.


A view of planet Saturn, surrounded by halos. Saturn is supposedly covered by mountains and with a thin atmosphere. It is about 1425 million km. far from the sun.


This is how inhabitants of planet Mars look, according to the American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, famous author of many bizarre novels.

Venus plants

Curious water plants, supposed to grow on Venus marshy soil, where heat and humidity would choke any human.

Mud Lake on Jupiter

A mud lake on planet Jupiter. On Jupiter's soil and atmosphere a spectacular weather is constantly evolving.

Mars channels

Planet Mars, with its plateaus and channel shaped crevices, is called the red planet for the reddish color it shows to any observer.

Plant life on Saturn

Scientists and researchers presume that this colossal plant could be the only clue of plant life on planet Saturn.

Natural bridge on the Moon

Here is the Moon with astronomers' latest discovery: a big natural bridge 35 km. wide should be one of the shiniest ridges on our satellite.

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