A Science Fiction Heroine



Marco Patrito

Marco Patrito

Marco Patrito was born and raised in Turin, Italy. At high school, he specialized in artistic disciplines. He went on to university studies, but although he graduated with a degree in architecture, he never entered the profession. Instead, he became a painter, photographer, comic books artist and scriptwriter.

He is the author of many graphic novels and of 'Sinkha Hyleyn', a multimedia graphic novel in 3D computer graphics. He is also an accomplished science fiction illustrator, with more than 160 published covers.

Marco works in Beinasco, in an old two story house that he shares with various computers, his wife Laura, his brother Fabio and 15 cats. So there's always a cat trying to jump on your legs every time you sit down to drink a coffee or chat.

You can see the workshop (but not the cats) with Google Earth at 4501'34.79"N - 735'50.71"E.