A Science Fiction Heroine



My Love Affair with Darshine

graphic novels heroine: Darshine

Yes, I'm a Science Fiction fan, and in my life I had the privilege to meet many writers and artists working in the SF field. One artist I met about 20 years ago, and I'm now honored to call a close friend, is Marco Patrito.

At that time, after a few years spent in the advertising industry, Marco was just beginning his career as a cover artist and author of Science Fiction graphic novels. He was one of the first Italian artists to experiment and professionally use 3D computer graphic and I remember his excitement when he tried to explain me the wonders of those "new" modeling techniques: "I could create a whole 3D Science Fiction universe for my graphic novels," he said.

Well, that universe was created and from that universe came some of the most astounding graphic novels and multimedia production that I've ever seen, now published all over the world. It's in that universe, the Sinkha Universe, that Darshine was born and I remember so clearly when I first met her in Marco's computer, the wide screen showing every detail of her ironic smile under those gleaming, gleaming eyes. Of course I remember, it was love at first sight!

From that moment every time I meet Marco, unfortunately not as often as I used to meet him in the 90s, I cannot help asking him about Darshine, trying to get some scrap of revelation about her life and adventures in the Sinkha Universe.

Darshine is a Sinkha Dar, and that means she is a demi goddess and a starship but, differently from any other Sinkha starship and being involved in various "special operations", she also has a vaguely dark looking and so sexy "human interface".

Now the big question is: what does she like more? being a starship and zapping through the stars, or being a tall brunette on high heels and relating to humans in so many ... interesting ways?

She won't tell you, but looking at the images that Marco is so kindly allowing me to show in my Italian Almanac you can have no doubt about what side of Darshine is my favourite.