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Guido Gozzano

Guido Gozzano (1883-1916)

Guido Gustavo Gozzano was born in Turin on 19 December in 1883. He enrolled at the Faculty of Law but never graduated, preferring instead to study literature in Turin attending lessons held by Arturo Graf together with a group of students with whom he would form the group of 'crepuscolari torinesi'.

The writer, who suffered from poor health, never had a steady job but was active in the cultural and social life of Turin at the beginning of the century. In 1907 he felt the need to take refuge in poetry and wrote "La via del rifugio" (The Way to the Shelter). Here, away from intellectual critique, he revealed his originality as shown in his works "Le due strade" (Two Roads) and "L'amica di nonna Speranza" (Granny Speranza's Friend). In the same year his relationship with the writer Amalia Guglielminetti started, but his health worsened and he was taken ill with tuberculosis. In 1911, his important book "I colloqui" (Conversations) appeared which was divided into three parts: "Il giovanile errore" (Youthful Mistake), "Alle soglie" (On the Treshold) and "Il reduce" (The Veteran).

Throughout his life Gozzano worked with newspapers and magazines writing literary reviews, stories for children and short stories. He died in Turin on 9 August 1916.