The Italian Almanac


Conflicting Roles

Spotted in a pornographic film, a local official in the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) resigned from office. The 25-year-old former secretary of a chapter in the Province of Pisa was recognized in her Facebook photos, despite wearing a mask in her hard-core scenes. Her name has not been released.

Local PD officials said in a statement that dividing her time between politics and porn was "mistaken" and "disgusting", but since it harmed no one and involved only herself, the ex-secretary should "be left in peace". They went on to mention that she had been a rising talent within the local chapter.

The X-rated film, called "E' venuto a saperlo mia madre" (My Mother Found Out), features the former politician in the lead role with another young woman and two male actors. Party officials added that her resignation will afford a chance to "reflect on her choices," calling her "a girl" and emphasizing that only recently did she graduate from university.