The Italian Almanac


Archive 2011

Rome's She-Wolf

Almost a Pamphlet

Party Men

Until He is 40

Shoe Can Breath

On Sale

Quantum Leap

An American Debut

The Flu is Late

Young Drinkers


Just a Job

Mysterious Demo

Another Red Moon

Illegal Steel

Freed from Pirates

A New Director

Maybe it's a Miracle

Shame on You!

A Dream Come True?

Come on Hot Chicks

Is a Bird, It's a Plane ... It's a Neutrino!

A Penthouse with a View

Sergio Bonelli

I'd Rather Go Naked

Walter Bonatti

Repeated Miracle

Robot Fly

Golden Lion

The Fountains of Rome

The Diamond Planet

Creepy Museum

Provocative Nature


In London with Style

Oriana's Will

Shooting Stars

Under Attack

A New Head

Conflicting Roles

Out of the Grid

A Growing Sector



Free of Charges

Ancient ... Stuff

A New Low

Is that Art?

Technology vs. Allergies

Wine Treasures

The Search for Mona Lisa

Holy Music

Old Nazis

Indipendence Day

A Young Tiger


Garden of the Ancient Rose

10,000 Euros a Bottle

Plenty of Cherries

A Good Day for a Picnic

Blue Flag

Ice Cream University

Old Lingerie

Eating Like Kings

Another Roman Ship

Leaning Back

A Most Influential Man

Buying Roma

A Bad Reputation

Old Money

The Hunt for Mona Lisa

Bamboccioni Still at Home

A New Stamp

Italy's Chocolate Capital

Play for Unity

Extend the Ban

Extinction of the Vegetarian Bear

Hard Driving

Show Time

Shooting in Rome

David's Collapse

The New Ferrari

Dangerous Hi-Tech

Sexual Anorexia

Over the Bridge

A New Face

Carnival in Venice

Basking Baby

Best Classical Album

Public Prophanity

It's a Wild World

Virtual Gallery

Language Battles

Indian Coffee

The Vestal Virgins


Moving to Paris

The Most Hated Tax

Sandokan Knighted in Mumbai

Sex and Religion at Pitti Uomo

The Exorcist Files


Winter Sales

An Old Zoo

News from Piaggio

A Taste of England

MAXXI Art Centre