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George Clooney

Good Luck

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has decided to try his luck playing Italy's popular SuperEnalotto game with a promise that, if he wins, its whopping jackpot prize will go to help relief efforts of Haiti. The American actor last month hosted a star-studded telethon event which raised over $61 million for the survivors of the January 7 catastrophic earthquake which is believed to have left upwards of 200,000 people dead.

According to the Agipronews, an agency specialised in betting events, Clooney had friends on Lake Como, where he owns a waterside villa retreat, buy him some 1,000 pre-marked SuperEnalotto betting slips. "The jackpot is so high so why not try?," he was quoted as telling a friend assigned with the task of buying the slips around northern Italy. Clooney's Italian girlfriend, presenter Elisabetta Canalis, has apparently followed his example and bought another 500 slips.

For weeks the SuperEnalotto jackpot has offered the world's biggest payout. It is also the game's second-highest pot ever, after last August's record win in Tuscany totalled a whopping 147.8 billion euros, a European record.