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birth of a zebra

Zebra Born in Rome

Rome zoo is celebrating after a zebra foal was born there for the first time in over ten years. Primo, a Grant`s zebra, weighs 30 kilos and is in good health, according to vets. The zebra`s mother arrived in Rome last year from the same zoo in the Netherlands that his father came from six years earlier.

Primo, whose name means `first`, made his first public outing in the mixed Savanna enclosure at the `Bioparco`, where the family lives together with ostriches, gazelles and antelopes. ``Seeing a zebra foal born was a unique moment, both from an emotional and educational point of view,`` said the city council`s vet Federico Coccia. ``Our little one will be able to contribute notably to the conservation of its species at an international level``. Rome`s environment councillor, Fabio De Lillo, said.

Primo was just a temporary name and that a more permanent one would be chosen by children who visit the zoo. De Lillo said the young zebra is likely to be sent to another zoo in Europe when he is older in order to fulfil the Bioparco`s international conservation responsibilities.