The Italian Almanac


Kill the Stress

A plan to use fencing lessons to ease stress among Naples public administrators came under fire. The lessons are part of a 40,000-euro scheme approved by Naples` provincial government to ease stress levels with `bonding` courses and psychological training. The provincial councillor for human resources, Giuseppe Capasso, said he was ``amazed`` such a ``ridiculous`` initiative had been greenlit, apparently behind his back.

``I`d like to pass it off as a joke but in fact it`s a slap in the face of every provincial worker at a time when we`re struggling with pay and job cuts,`` Capasso said. Another civil service councillor, Francesco Emilio Borrelli, urged the unidentified official who approved the courses to ``withdraw this disgraceful initiative``. ``In a period of financial crisis, one simply cannot fathom how such a decision could have been taken``.