The Italian Almanac

Laura Perego

Stock Exchange Performance

A panty-clad Italian porn star shook up the Milan stock exchange by accusing flummoxed financiers of ``stripping Italians of everything but their underwear``. Laura Perego, 22, crept into the bourse in a cloak and threw it off as she jumped onto a table in her panties and body paint in the Italian national colours, shouting: ``I want to launch a message to all those who mismanaged our savings``.

Perego, a Sicilian who says she ``wants to use (her) body to send messages``, repeated her accusation several times to the bemused brokers before being bustled out of the building. She was held in a police station for over an hour, emerging to tell reporters: ``They might press serious charges because I tried to climb on top of their car too, but several officers complimented me and told me I was fighting for a just cause``.