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Slumdog ;illionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

An Italian Muslim group expressed fury over a dubbing error in the Italian version of Oscar-nominated film Slumdog Millionaire that gave the impression that a group of brutal assailants is Muslim rather than Hindu. The error occurred in a scene in which the protagonist, a Muslim boy from the slums of Mumbai, sees his mother beaten to death by a group of Hindus armed with clubs who attack the neighbourhood. In the Italian version, an off-screen voice shouts ``They`re Muslims, run!``, while in the original version the voice shouts ``They`re Muslims, get them!``.

The film`s Italian distributor, Lucky Red, has said the mistake was a result of human error and has corrected digital copies of the film. But Italian Muslim Intellectuals Association President Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo said the company should issue a clear statement rectifying the mistake and apologise to the Islamic community. ``It may have been simple human error, but it`s disturbing that a professional distribution company doesn`t feel even remotely duty-bound to offer an official statement clarifying that the assassins in the film are not Muslims but Hindu fundamentalists,`` Vincenzo said.

The British film, in which a Muslim boy rises from humble beginnings as a street child to win the Indian version of TV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, has won four Golden Globes and has been nominated for ten Academy Awards including Best Film and Best Director for Danny Boyle.