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ticket conductor

Back to the Past

A special panel on urban transport is expected to suggest to the Rome city council that ticket conductors return aboard city buses in order to combat fare dodgers and increase security for passengers. The conductors were removed from buses over 25 years ago and replaced by ticket inspectors who randomly spot-checked whether passengers had pre-purchased tickets or monthly passes.

A poll taken for the panel found that 82% of Romans favored the return of the conductors on the grounds that this would increase security on buses and cut down on the rampant number of people who do not pay the fare. According to the survey, 40% of passengers do not feel safe riding the bus during the day, a percentage which leaps to 68% at night. Another 39% said they had witnessed acts of vandalism on buses and 81% said the percentage of passengers without tickets was high or very high.

Reinstating conductors was seen as a way to create jobs for 22% of those interviewed. Only 16% of those surveyed were opposed to having conductors return on the grounds that this would be inefficient in enhancing security and would end up costing too much.