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kitten and dog

Daring Kitten

An accident-prone kitten named Chicco has at most six lives left said Naples firemen after rescuing him from the bottom of a well. The four-month-old tabby was adopted by Cristina Carafa D'Ambrosio and her dog Charlie who found him trapped inside a garbage dumpster.

A month later, he fell off the scaffolding outside D'Ambrosio's apartment and broke his paw, if not his sense of adventure. Whilst exploring an abandoned house, Chicco tumbled into a narrow dry well 15 meters deep. D'Ambrosio and her veterinarian, Mariagrazia Tartari, called the fire department, who were at first sceptical about Chiccho's chances.

''After the first few tries, they told us it was hopeless, but we could hear him mewing and just couldn't give up,'' said Tartari. According to D'Ambrosio, local residents have been asking the city to fill in the hole for years. ''Then we heard they might actually do it while poor Chicco was still inside!''

Chicco was finally saved after a third attempt by firemen, who were astonished to find him uninjured by the fall. D'Ambrosio said Chicco has since returned home to a much relieved Charlie, who held a three-day vigil by the front door refusing food and water.