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Gloria Guida

Gloria is Back

Cult Italian 1970s sex bomb Gloria Guida is back on set after turning her back on saucy comedies almost 30 years ago. Guida, 53, made 33 hit romps in the 1970s and early `80s before quitting the movie world, reportedly because of the jealousy of future husband and cabaret star Johnny Dorelli. Guida has several Internet websites devoted to her and her films are still rental favourites at DVD stores. Quentin Tarantino, a devotee of 1970s Italian B-movies, recently offered her a role.

In her heyday, the blonde and girlishly slim Guida was one of the biggest lures in Italian cinema, alongside bustier brunette Edwige Fenech who played similar roles. Fenech, 61, now a successful producer, recently made a return to acting as an alluring art teacher in US horror hit Hostel: Part II. After announcing her comeback on Italy`s top Sunday variety show earlier this year, Guida told the latest edition of a TV magazine that she`d like to make a film with her old rival. ``I respect Edwige Fenech but I can`t say we`re friends and during the golden years we were never on set together. But I`d like it if we were to make a film together today``.

Asked who was better, she replied: ``It`s impossible to say, me a blonde, her a brunette``. ``So different, and then she was The Teacher, me The Student,`` she said, referring to two iconic roles. Guida, who has raised a family with Dorelli, is set to make a TV movie with top Italian comic actor Massimo Boldi. She said she had come back ``with the idea of staying`` and would like to follow the career track of Virna Lisi, a screen beauty who matured into character acting.