The Italian Almanac


Espresso Day

Italians will celebrate their love affair with espresso coffee with the first-ever Italian Espresso Day. The aim of the initiative is to give Italians, who consume some 70 million cups of coffee a day outside their homes, an opportunity to judge the quality of the espresso they are served and perhaps find a better bar to have breakfast. The event will also celebrate the frothy cappuccino.

A total of 3,500 coffee bars are taking part in Italian Espresso Day 2009 and will be handing out manuals to help their customers understand the various types and qualities of coffees as well as tips on how to judge the service they receive. ``It the little things which often guarantee a truly gratifying espresso,`` observed the Italian National Espresso Institute, which is promoting the event.

The institute`s members include coffee roasters, coffee machine makers and other associations dedicated to the caffeine brew.