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car accident

Greedy Driver

A local woman driver who hit a child and then drove off, only to return later to seek compensation from the child`s parents for damages sustained to her vehicle, has been charged by police with hit-and-run. The incident took place near Treviso.

The nine-year-old boy was hit after stepping off a bus belonging to a local sports facility and was rushed to hospital where doctors found he had a minor concussion as well as several cuts and bruises. According to the boy`s mother, the driver of the Fiat 600 which hit her son first drove off without stopping to see if he was hurt but then returned to the scene of the accident an hour later asking to know where the boy`s parents lived.

``When she found us she demanded that we pay for the damages to her car. When we refused she came back in the evening with her husband and they insisted we pay them 600 euros to settle the case,`` the mother said. The parents of the child then informed police who filed charges against the woman.