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running bride

The Flighty Bride

A cold-footed Italian bride made it through a ceremony and the traditional wedding photos but ran off with the driver of the wedding car before her reception. Her new husband, 34-year-old bank worker Andrea, and 30 guests were left waiting in vain at a restaurant for 30-year-old Sara, who had made her escape after saying she wanted to change her clothes before the reception.

She was accompanied by a friend of the couple with whom Andrea played football, and who had been tasked with driving the wedding car. Her concerned new husband and wedding guests began to ring the pair`s cell phones when they failed to show at the restaurant. After an hour and a half the chauffeur answered and passed his phone to the bride-on-the-run, who told her new husband she had ``made a mistake``, was ``sorry``, but that her ``heart belongs to someone else``.

The bride and driver fled Italy for their `honeymoon` in Greece, while the jilted husband said he would seek legal advice about suing his former lover for material and moral damages.