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contended body

Contended Body

A 45-year-old businessman who was killed in a light-plane crash last August has still not been buried because his long-time girlfriend and his estranged wife are both claiming his body.

Antonio Presutto's girlfriend, with whom he had a child, wants his body so she can bury him here in the northern region of Reggio Emilia, where he moved to set up a business, while the wife, whom he left after fathering four children but never divorced, wants to bring his body back to their home town of San Severo in the southeast region of Puglia.

Because the two women have failed to reach an amicable settlement, a court must now decide who has the right to Presutto's body, which remains locked in a morgue drawer at the local hospital here.

The first hearing is set for October 12 in the city of Foggia, in Puglia.