The Italian Almanac


Another Thing to Worry About

Italian men on temporary job contracts may have to worry about impotence as well as paying the bills, a leading urologist said. Speaking ahead of a national urology conference, Florence Urology Clinic Director Marco Carini said not having a permanent work contract put young men at risk of either erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation.

''For young people, job insecurity, economic difficulties and the impossibility of starting a family are sources of anxiety and stress and can have serious repercussions on their sex lives,'' Carini said. ''If there is no stable partner, added to the stress is the performance anxiety that can flare up during occasional relations,'' he added.

Around a million Italian men work as so-called 'precari' - people with temporary contracts or other forms of contract that give them little or no job protection or social security cover - according to figures from national statistics bureau Istat.