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Fabio Capello

In the Name of Pizza

A pizza in the shape of England football manager Fabio Capello's face is proving wildly successful at a fish and chip shop in the north of England. Nick Dhillion, who owns the chippy in Sutton Coldfield, north of Birmingham, has created the Italian coach's face in profile from a margherita pizza, with the crust tracing the contours of Capello's nose and prominent chin. Black olives are used to recreate his eyes and curly hair, while his mouth and glasses are drawn with strips of tomato.

''I hope Mr Capello is happy about the caricature I've dedicated to him, although I certainly don't expect he'll come here to see it,'' Dhillion told British tabloids. This is not the first time 61-year-old Capello, who was appointed England manager in mid-December, has inspired a pizza chef. The Papa Luigi pizza take-away in Peterborough in the east of England launched a pizza inspired by the coach last month. The 'Capello' is an Anglo-Italian creation, with half the pizza topped with red and green peppers and salami to represent the Italian flag, and the other half topped with Lincolnshire sausage and red peppers to represent the England flag.