The Italian Almanac


Table for Two

The Peperino restaurant in San Miniato (near Pisa) is the smallest restaurant in the world it boasts one table and one waiter who comes in only when you ring the bell all in a tiny space decorated with period pieces that can accommodate two people only.

Created to ''get away from the virtual world of cell phones and palm pilots,'' Peperino seeks to create a romantic atmosphere decorated with silk, mirrors and precious silverware, where a couple are the stars of the evening.

Meat and fish dishes are served accompanied by musicians and other entertainers, should the guests so desire. The restaurant also offers a nightly stay at the Fattoria Medicea di Stibbio, a Renaissance building located in the Tuscan hills around 5 km from the restaurant.

Reservations are required months in advance the couple dining at Peperino on Valentine's Day booked in September.