The Italian Almanac


Organic Food

Sales of organically farmed food products in Italy rose by 10% in 2007, according to a new report by the agricultural and food market services institute Ismea. The report underlined that general food sales in the country remained stable last year, meaning that Italian shoppers are increasingly swapping non-organic products in their baskets for their organic equivalents.

Consumption of organic fruit and vegetables was up by 25% on 2006 figures, while milk and cheese registered a rise of 9.9%. Together the two categories accounted for over a third of all organic sales in the country. Organic baby products (+32%), salami and preserved meats (+20%), and rice and pasta (+15%) also performed well. However, organic egg consumption lagged behind with an increase of just 1.2%. Organic bread sales dipped 3%, and biscuits, sweets and snacks were also down by 2.5% on the previous year.

The organic food market in Italy is currently worth around 31 billion euros, according to the report.