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'Lumino' is an 'illuminated' umbrella that is a 100% Made in Italy and patented in the Prato industrial district. According to the manufacturer, the accessory is currently exclusive but will soon be available to the general public.

The idea belongs to Giovanni Nissen who, along with entrepreneurs Guido Pugi and Giuliano Sostegni, will distribute the new product. The umbrella is characterized by an illuminated handle, which can be used as a flashlight in low visibility situations (night time, fog, etc.) or simply as an accessory that is on its way to becoming the latest trend.

''We have filed the patent and are now awaiting the completion of the industrial prototype,'' explained Nissen, Pugi and Sostegni. From a technical point of view, the umbrella handle lights up thanks to a new generation of diode powered by regular alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

The 'Lumino' was presented at the Museo del Tessuto di Prato.