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hydrogen duct

Hydrogen Duct

Regional president Claudio Martini outlined Tuscany's energy plan at the opening of Arezzo's hydrogen duct, the first urban structure of its kind in the world. The structure was made possible thanks to an investment of over one million euro on the part of the Tuscan regional government and private partners. The city of Arezzo also supported the initiative by donating the land.The idea belongs to Fabbrica del Sole president, Emiliano Cecchini, who 'networked' local institutions and businesses like Coingas, Sapio and Exnergy. Martini also announced that the regional government will request national assistance in facilitating the procedures for the authorization of hydrogen cars and favouring the creation of a national network of distributors of hydrogen produced by renewable energy.

The San Zeno structure is part of a larger reality that, when developed, will be able to guarantee energy security and auto-sufficiency by locally producing hydrogen from solar panels. This will decrease blackouts for families and businesses and help budgets for small and large businesses. Current hydrogen production is enough to satisfy the industrial and domestic needs of families and businesses in the San Zeno industrial area, the production of electricity and heat, and energy for hydrogen vehicles.

Forty-two companies use hydrogen for their needs, which has notably decreased the economic costs and environmental impact. The underground ducts also help the overall distribution of gas and eliminates the space necessary for stockpiling gas containers.