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Italy and the Holocaust

The little known story of Italians who saved Jews during World War II will be the subject of a new documentary film, to be produced by Engel Entertainment. The project, Italy and the Holocaust: the Hidden History, was presented at the Italian consulate in New York by Vincent Marmorale, who is responsible for matters relating to the Holocaust at the New York State Council of Social Justice.

The presentation of the project, explained Deputy Consul Giovanni Favilli, ''has a double purpose: to announce that a documentary is in preparation in New York on what Italians did during the Holocaust, and to highlight this story which few people are aware of''. ''The consulate is involved because the documentary deals with a part of Italian history which everyone should know about. Although racial laws were adopted in (Fascist) Italy, it is also true that these were not fully enforced,'' he added.

The presentation of the project included testimony by Jews who are alive today thanks to the help they received from Italians during the war. ''The fact that 80% of the Jews in Italy survived the Holocaust is evidence of the courage Italians demonstrated in helping them,'' Marmorale said. ''The fact that few people in the United States know this story led me to search out Holocaust survivors so they could tell their own story of how they were saved by Italians''.