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Msgr Corrado Balducci

Top Exorcist Died

Msgr Corrado Balducci, exorcist for the diocese of Rome and one of the Vatican's top experts on driving out the Devil, has died aged 85. Balducci is known to generations of Italians for regular appearances on TV shows where he explained Church practice on exorcism, Devil worship, the occult, aliens and astrology. He also kept a close eye on Satanic rock music which he said was part of ''a plan to destabilise the world''. Balducci wrote several books including The Devil Exists And You Can Recognise Him, driving home the message that very few alleged cases of Demonic possession actually needed the services of an exorcist.

The Catholic Church gets thousands of requests each year from people who should instead turn to psychiatrists while there are only 20 or so real cases of possession every year, Balducci said in his book. Balducci served as Rome's exorcist for more than 50 years, helping hundreds of people whose lives had been ruined by the Devil. As well as the dangers of Devil music, his other pet hates were astrology and horoscopes where he also saw the hand of the Devil.