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Unsafe Sex

Only one out of two Italian women use safe contraceptive methods during sex, while just one out of three took precautions when they had sex for the first time, according to a new report.

The study was drawn up by the Italian Gynecology and Obstetrics Society (SIGO) ahead of the first World Contraception Day. Looking at the study, SIGO national consultant Emilio Arisi said "the picture which emerges is alarming and confirms the need to continue our battle to inform and educate".

A poll of 1,100 young women included in the report showed that 90% had already become sexually active and had their first experience at the age of 17. Sex was an "act of love" for 60% of those interviewed, while only 2% said they were opposed to premarital sex.

Although most of the women interviewed considered themselves well-informed on contraceptive methods, 46% taught themselves and it shows. For 20% of the women quizzed,coitus interruptus is an effective method and they only practice this.