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Christmas meal

Christmas Meal

The price of a traditional Christmas Eve meal in Italy will undoubtedly be more expensive this year but the cost increase will be much less at home than at a restaurant, according to the consumers' group Federconsumatori. The group calculated that the price of a Christmas meal at home will be 5% higher this year or an average of 25.32 euros a person. This will amount to 151.92 euros for a family of six - two parents, two children and two grandparents. At a restaurant, prices this year will be up 10% from 2006 and could run as high as 139 euros a person.

In buying foods and drink for Christmas and New Year's, Federconsumatori recommended that special attention be paid to specials being offered by supermarkets. However, when taking advantage of these sales it is best to check product expiration dates. By celebrating the holidays at home, the average Italian family can save as much as 630 euros, the association found.

While Italians will spend an average of 25.32 euros a head for the Christmas Eve meal based on fish, this season they will spending 32.50 euros, 195.38 euros for a group of six, for the traditional New Year's meal which includes the stuffed pigs' feet dish Zampone, lentils and salmon. At a restaurant, on the other hand, a New Year's meal will run to about 140 euros a person, up 7% from last year.

Despite the significant savings from celebrating at home, the number of Italians going out for their traditional holiday meals is expected to climb by 10% over 2006.