The Italian Almanac

enjoying the spring weather

Hot Spring

This past spring was the hottest in Italy since 1800, when records began to be kept, the National Research Council (CNR) reported. The hot spring followed the hottest winter on record. According to the CNR, the record for spring 2007 was due to the hottest April ever and despite cooler temperatures at the end of May.

Temperatures this past spring were on an average 2.3 degrees C above the average between 1961 and 1990. In April they were 3.1 degrees higher, while in March they were 1.6 degrees above average and in May 2.1 degrees higher. The hottest March on record was in 2001, when temperatures were 3.5 degrees above average, while the hottest May was in 1868, when temperatures were 3.1 degrees above average.