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gay kiss

Gay Kiss

Gay rights' activists protested after a homosexual couple were reported to have been arrested for kissing in front of the Colosseum. Homosexual rights' association Arcigay said the two men, aged 27 and 28, were hauled away by police after they "stopped to admire the Colosseum and kissed and cuddled each other, like thousands of heterosexual couples do every day when they pass that monument".

The association said the couple were taken away by a Carabinieri police squad and a report filed against them. "This is an extremely serious incident which shows that homosexuals are still being discriminated against," Arcigay said, calling for Defence Minister Arturo Parisi to look into the matter. It said its lawyers were on the case and would provide the couple with legal aid.

The police, meanwhile, issued a curt note in defence saying that the couple had "not just been kissing on the mouth". They said the two men had been engaged in a "blatant and unequivocal act of obscenity" which would have led to arrest whether the couple concerned had been gay or heterosexual.