The Italian Almanac


Dog Beach

A beach catering to canines outside the Italian capital has been revamped this year and turned into a nature park for dogs and dog lovers. Originally named Baubeach, the area is now called Baucountry Nature Park and is designed to be an oasis where dogs can run free and their masters can relax. The park opens for the season this weekend with a two-day party at which the dogs will be given organic treats and presents. The park is located at the Podere Capanne tourist farm in the coastal Maccarese district a few kilometers north of Rome.

Dog owners in the park can either relax at the fully-equipped beach or walk or bike ride in the park. A restaurant will serve organic products produced by the farm. Dogs will have their own pools to cool off in and ample room to socialise and play. Organic snacks will also be offered to dogs and umbrellas will provide shade to rest in. Professional trainers will be available as well as experts in dog behavior.

The whole structure has been authorised by the local health authority which will provide on location veterinary services. Baubeach originally opened in July 1998.