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angry mamma

Angry Mamma

An irate mother took the house keys and allowance away from her 61-year-old son because he did not come home when he was supposed to and did not tell where he was going when he went out. The 81-year-old mother even went to the police in her home town of Caltagirone to ask them to convince her "hard-headed" son to behave correctly with his mamma".

The son replied that it was his mother who behaved badly and added that "my weekly allowance isn't enough... and she doesn't even cook well". After locking her son out of their home, the mother told police that "my son doesn't respect me, he never tells me where he goes at night and comes home at all hours. I was forced to punish him by taking away his keys and locking him out after he yet again came home late at night. He always complains about my cooking and this just couldn't go on," she added.

A policeman was able to convince the mother and son to reconcile and they returned home together, where the son was given back his keys and allowance.