The Italian Almanac

Vasco Rossi

Italian News - September 2

Italy's best-loved rocker Vasco Rossi has said he will never again allow his songs to be used in television adverts. The 54-year-old star, who has penned a string of Italian pop anthems, said he had come to the conclusion that letting big companies use his work in publicity was like "selling my dreams".

Rossi s recent hit 'Senza Parole' (Without Words) served as the soundtrack of a recent spot for Fiat's new Punto model. He also gave the car maker permission to use 'Rewind' for another TV ad. But he said he had quickly come to regret those two decisions and when Fiat asked a few days ago to use another song the gravel-voiced icon said no.

"I have nothing against advertisers but I now feel that what I need to do most of all is protect my songs from excessive exposure," he said. "I've decided not to sell my dreams any more because they are also my fans' dreams. I no longer want a song of mine to be linked to an advert".

Despite a hefty paunch and an rapidly receding hairline, Rossi retains his reputation as a king of transgression. He still has millions of adoring fans. Recording his first album in 1978, after a failed bid to study economics at university, the Bologna-born singer has gone on to make 18 more, including 2004's 'Buoni o Cattivi' which immediately zoomed to the top of the nation's charts.