The Italian Almanac


Italian News - September 25

For the second year in a row a drawing by an Italian girl has been chosen by the United Nations for one of its stamps marking International Peace Day 2006. This year's drawing came from 12-year-old Ariam Boaglio who entered it into the International Peace Poster contest organised by the UN in collaboration with the Lion's Club. In 2005, Vittoria Sansebastiano submitted a winning design.

The UN postal service this year has produced six different stamps for International Peace Day, which since 2001 has been marked on September 21. The two stamps in American dollars, for use at UN headquarters in New York, were printed using drawings by two children from China and Thailand. The two stamps in euros, to be used at the UN's offices in Vienna, have drawings by children from Germany and Indonesia, while those in Swiss francs, for UN offices in Geneva, were drawn by Boaglio and an American child.

The International Peace Day stamp initiative began three years ago.