The Italian Almanac

someone is lurking

Italian News - September 2

The man would stand for hours, camera at the ready, under the Ponte della Paglia, a bridge near San Marco. But he wasn’t interested in photographing the canals or the churches. Soon, one of the locals grew suspicious and reported the stranger, a 43-year-old French holidaymaker, to the police.

After two days under observation, the man was detained for questioning, but he was not caught in the act of committing an offence. At this point, attention shifted to the digital camera. Police were surprised to discover that it contained about one hundred photographs of the legs – and other intimate areas – of women who had been leaning over the bridge to enjoy the particularly attractive view of the Bridge of Sighs.

After consulting the duty public prosecutor, officers were forced to let the man go and return his camera with its photographs. According to news agency reports, the anonymous nature of the victims – the man never photographed their faces – and the fact that none of them made a formal complaint, means that no charges can be brought. But how could any of the victims complain if they did not know the amateur photographer was there?

The man, who claims to adore Venice, has now checked out of his four-star hotel to return to France.