The Italian Almanac

Sean Penn

Italian News - September 20

Oscar-winning American actor Sean Penn could star as Albert Einstein in a joint US-Italian television production about the famous physicist . "He's read the screenplay and he likes it," said Agostino Sacca', head of drama productions at the RAI state broadcaster.

Penn, 46, is reportedly a fan of one of the screenplay's authors, Italian writer and director Liliana Cavani. Cavani has a long string of films to her credit, including acclaimed works such as The Night Porter (1974), the Berlin Affair (1985) and two films on St Francis (1966 and 1989).

Penn, who won the Best Actor Oscar for Mystic River (2003), is considered one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. His most recent film was All the King's Men, by Steven Zaillian.

For the Einstein project, RAI is collaborating with US cable TV company HBO.