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finding the right book

Italian News - September 22

A roof garden overlooking central Rome where book lovers can while away a few hours is the latest initiative in the government's bid to use publicly owned real estate in better ways.

The 'Casa del Libro' (Home of the Book) is being created in a building which once housed a geology museum but which is now being renovated with more user-friendly culture in mind.

"The building will be entirely given over to books and will have a bar, restaurant, reading room and a splendid roof garden," said Deputy Economy Minister Vincenzo Visco.

The imminent arrival of a new meeting place for fans of all types of literature - from highbrow tomes to chick-lit - was confirmed during the presentation of a new web portal run by state real estate agency Demanio.

Visco said the reading room and roof garden will cost the state nothing to run. "The market will do everything because once completed it will churn out a lot of money".