The Italian Almanac


Italian News - October 31

Italian UFO buffs are excited about a mysterious ball of light caught on film in Sicily at the weekend. The phenomenon was spotted by a restaurateur and his wife as they were driving home from work in Sicily's famed Valley of the Temples on Friday night.

"It was a huge object, sending out a shimmering light of different colours from its core," said the restaurant owner, Gian Paolo Guarraci. "It appeared to be pulsating. I rushed home and got my video camera. As it turned out, I needn't have hurried - it hovered in the sky for about two hours".

Guarraci has sent his video to a local TV station. One of Italy's best-known UFO fans, Antonio Vanadia, said: "This is an extraordinary piece of footage. I believe we have what experts call a close encounter of the first kind". Vanadia said he could rule out conventional phenomena such as a prolonged lightning storm or a meteor shower.

Sicily's self-styled 'UFO Centre' said it would view the tape in the next few days. The southern island appeared to be a favourite destination for UFOs, the centre said. "There were 30 strange sightings in 2005 alone," a spokesman said.